Cera C 28

More depth.

Wafer-thin light breaks through an almost invisible membrane, reduced to fragility, into the open space. In the Cera-C model, the diffused light is combined with an opening on the underside, creating a brilliantly deep glow.

ArtNr.types of lamps
268110CERA C 28, half-open, built-in fixture made of thin hand-cast porcelain, emits a diffuse light that is brilliant in its center, 2700 K, incl. bayonet. Not combinable with Sinus-, Drop-, Intro-, Konus built-in modules, passive cooling, max. 350 mA possible.
255 lm | 250 mA | 3W*
ArtNr.converter on off
299313ON-OF 12W 250mA | 1-3 LEDs
LWH 147x44x22 MM
dimensionslight distribution
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