What we do works over time.

What we do works over time. From the invisible comes our inspiration. Time forms what is necessary. Merging the two is our work.

At GEORG BECHTER LICHT, we are all about invention, about exploring and breaking down limits. Every solution we find becomes a chance for beauty and simplicity, allowing us to create something innovative and new, connecting craftsmanship and technical feasibility.

Do you see closeness?

We need to shed light on everything. That is why we have taken a very close look at how our region and our home connects us to what we do in our work. For 85 percent of GEORG BECHTER LICHT’s added value lies in the Bregenzerwald region and therefore in our immediate surroundings. There are no long distances with us. Because so many good things are so close.

Georg Bechter is an architect. His connection to architecture and his feeling for design are what drives him and his team. The perspectives that come from sources of light are to be found all over a room. That is why an architectural approach is always part of looking for solutions in lighting planning.

Beauty is a great contribution to sustainability. It is a proven fact that favourite objects last longer. They delight people, and they live up to their purpose.

This is what we commit our work at GEORG BECHTER LICHT to: The merging of beauty and function, the transition from the invisible to invention, from the source to infinity.