Do you see
the simplicity?

The way it takes effect? The way it brings the invisible to light?

… create ambience... immerse the rooms in light...“

Shaped by his education and work at university – even in the artistic field – and his experience in architecture and design, Georg Bechter develops luminaires and light objects with great passion and precision in order to meet the highest quality standards.

In cooperation with his team, he shapes new forms of light in a creative and sensitive way and establishes exciting relationships between light and space that captivate the observer. These magical light experiences invite you to linger and relax, while fascinating moods emerge that radiate a pleasant feeling of calm. The high-quality luminaires appear to be of timeless elegance. Designer and architect Georg Bechter wants to design rooms and spaces with a special atmosphere by developing fresh, surprising and innovative concepts.

In this way, colourful design projects, artistic installations and furniture, as well as avant-garde architectural solutions, emerge. However, the greatest effect in terms of ambience is achieved through the lighting arrangement. Besides architecture, Georg Bechter therefore places a particularly strong focus on the right illumination. The right luminaire accentuates the spatial concept and puts it in the limelight. In reduced form, virtually as an invisible element, or as a consciously striking design element, the luminaire ideally contributes to a room’s atmosphere and is in perfect harmony with the room. In addition, the designs also meet the latest and most sustainable technical quality standards, resulting in the creation of highest level luminaires.

In 2006, the company was established in Stuttgart, along with the launch of Georg Bechter’s luminaire collections. Since 2010, Georg Bechter has been designing again in his "old home" in the Austrian Alps, in a valley with a great handicraft tradition ( This environment is a great source of inspiration for design and aesthetically powerful forms of expression. Therefore, you may already be excited and look forward to further illumination highlights from the Bregenzerwald!