Installation Plaster Capsule 28

LOAD CAPACITY: max. 10kg

1. Use the supplied galvanized nail to nail formwork plug onto formwork.

2. Place lower part of the capsule onto formwork plug and push until it locks firmly into place. Insert both locking pins into the upper slots in the formwork plug.
For element ceilings/filigree ceilings please use our formwork plug (Item No. 208030) for gluing.

3. Use screwdriver to clear the openings needed for empty conduits in the lid and clean them. Press empty conduits into openings until it they are fastened (about two or three corrugations). Now firmly push capsule lid onto lower part and lock it into place.

4. Securely fasten empty conduit to rebar to prevent it from loosening through concrete or concrete vibrator.

5. (OPTION) When using capsule cover with added cooling surface, fasten empty conduit directly onto added cooling surface.

6. After stripping formwork, clamping mechanism has to be unlocked by pushing locking pins into cavity of the capsule with a screwdriver. Now remove formwork plug by pulling nail with pliers. Remove locking pins and clean capsule, if necessary, for further use with bayonet mechanism.

7. After stripping formwork and removing formwork plug, use installation tool to adjust filler ring to desired plaster thickness (0-15mm).

8. Removing mounting ring with pliers will expose the plaster claws. Make sure plaster claws do not stick out to the front. Claws must be completely covered by plaster.

9. Fasten supply line to protective cover and use the cover to close opening. Make sure plaster claws have a solid grip in the plaster.

10. Plaster ceiling in thickness of your choice.

11. Carefully sand protective cover until it is entirely visible.

CAUTION: Do n ot abrade protective cover or the plaster claws will be exposed.
After sanding, remove protective cover and pull cable to the front. Imprecisions have to be reworked by hand.

12. Prime and paint module and filler ring with ceiling paint.

CAUTION: Please check with your plasterer if you want to use coarse, loam, or acoustic plaster.
Under extreme weather or environmental conditions (heat, high humidity), lid of capsule may open more easily when the concrete is vibrated. If such conditions are present, secure lid to lower part of capsule using fabric tape or other means (e.g. cable ties).

CAUTION: If the DOT 28 POWER can not be mounted without resistance the cooling surface might has been set in concrete at an angle. Do not apply pressure on the DOT 28 POWER and do not disassemble the cooling mandrel! Use the adjustment iron 208901 for the subsequent adjustment of the cooling mandrel! The subsequent adjustment is executed by hand or by using a hammer.