Installation DOT 28 Concrete

BEARING LOAD: max. 10kg

  1. Nail plug onto formwork.
  2. Place lower part of the capsule onto formwork plug and push until it locks firmly into place. Insert both locking pins into the upper slots in the plug.
  3. Use screwdriver to clear the openings needed for empty conduit in the cap and clean them. Press empty conduit into opening until it is fastened (about two or three corrugations). Now firmly push capsule cover onto lower part and lock it into place.
  4. Securely fasten empty conduit to rebar to prevent it from loosening through poured concrete or concrete vibrator.
    (OPTION) When using capsule cover with added cooling surface, connect empty conduit to that.
  5. After stripping formwork, unlock clamp mechanism by pushing locking pins into hollow space with a screwdriver. Now remove formwork plug by pulling nail with pliers. Remove locking pins and clean capsule, if necessary, for further use with bayonet mechanism.