Here lights up a ventilation system.

“I wanna dance,” light whispers, beamingly. “I’m all in!” air replies softly, snuggling up. VERVE AIR: the beautiful interplay of light and air. Atmospheric and three-dimensional, no lamp or ventilation outlet required.

Verve Air is the inventive new member of the GEORG BECHTER LICHT family that comes with a ventilating effect. VERVE AIR makes ventilation outlets disappear and connects the necessary with pure beauty. Two functions, one installation.

Light + air, flushmounted in plasterboard.

Here we combine light and air into an invisible ventilation system. Without having to change materials, the ventilation outlet can be flush-mounted to the ceiling or wall. Depending on position and orientation, different airflows can be achieved. Due to the form of the ventilation outlet, the air will disperse along the wall or ceiling before flowing throughout the room.

Item No. Module
209100 VERVE AIR 100 | plaster module for light and ventilation outlet, incl. LED, flow sheet & connection
Dimensions LWD 495x417x125 mm | ID 130mm | Ø light emmission 275 mm | incl. LED 4W, 2700K, 350mA
incoming air 50m³/h | outgoing air 100m³/h

Item No. LED-Driver 350mA
299023 ON-OF 20W 350mA | 1-4 LEDs | not dimmable
LWH 118x35x26 mm
299223 DA-PU 25W 350mA | 1-4 LEDs | dimmable | DALI/Push
LWH 105x68x23 mm
299243 DA-PU 40W 350mA | 1-7 LEDs | dimmable | DALI/Push
LWH 124x82x23 mm


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Installation Guide

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VERVE AIR sponsored by the AWS
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