Light + Building 24

Light+Building Frankfurt, Germany - 03 - 08 March 20242024

At the international trade fair for lighting and building technology in Frankfurt, Georg Bechter, a pioneer in the lighting industry, presented his latest products and at the same time emphasised his forward-looking company philosophy.

Company philosophy: For a sustainable future of light

Under the guiding principle "What we do works for the times", Georg Bechter is committed to a philosophy based on sustainability, innovation and aesthetics. The company is driven by the conviction that inspiration arises from the invisible and that the necessary emerges from time. With the awareness that their work is in the transition, Georg Bechter focuses on long-lasting solutions that leave a permanent impression. As a sign of their commitment to a sustainable future, Georg Bechter offers a 15-year cycle guarantee on their products. Through reparability, durability and product recycling, the company strives to contribute to the preservation of the planet while driving economically viable developments.

Innovations that will change the lighting industry:

LIGHT TO THE POINT. SYSTEM DOT 28 is an all-encompassing system: it integrates light flush and frameless into any ceiling material. With 12,226 possible combinations, it is the most comprehensive system of its kind. Based on the principle that "architecture is the result of good joining", GEORG BECHTER LICHT is now proud to present its three latest innovations.

WALL 28 + WALL 28 POWER - A LIGHT FOR THE WALL: This innovative luminaire opens up completely new perspectives by flooding a wall surface with light from top to bottom, without visible light fittings. The outstanding feature of this luminaire is the light edge. Despite its compactness, the WALL28 impresses with an output of up to 470 lumens.

LENS 20° - TARGETED AND ACCURATE. The answer to the growth of a lighting system lies in the effect of a lens. This is now also evident in the SYSTEM DOT 28: light is focussed within a tiny housing and projected into the room with maximum brightness but minimum scattering. It is a versatile instrument for staging, highlighting and focussing. Our new LINSE 20° offers half the lumens but twice the luminosity.

DIM TO WARM - GENTLY FLOWING WRAPPED IN WARMTH. A subtle change in brightness, created by silent dimming. Candle-like light creates a cosy atmosphere, but bright light also remains tangible. This is where the systematic idea of innovation lies: identical cabling types and power supply variants enable the uncomplicated replacement of existing luminaires with DIM TO WARM.

Visitors to the Frankfurt Lighting Fair had the opportunity to experience these pioneering innovations and familiarise themselves with our visionary approach to the lighting industry.