Small things, big effect

JUN 2023

Dear lighting lovers

Ten years ago, when Georg Bechter himself was still standing in an old barn casting luminaires, he probably would not have thought that 28 millimetres would one day make a difference in the lighting world. His unrelenting inventive spirit, however, has since led to more than 10,000 variations being created from one flush-mounted light opening of 28 millimetres. This multitude of variants is the basis of his current work.

Small luminaires for big projects:

Even though Georg Bechter still likes to philosophize about a single point of light, even about a single beam of light and its shadow and how it can change a room, the parcels being sent from Hittisau are getting bigger and bigger and are filled to the brim with luminaires from the Bregenzerwald. Georg Bechter's team has already completed large hotel projects from Salzburg to Vienna and even Prague. Lighting concepts for museum buildings from Vienna to Berlin are in preparation, even as the complete illumination of office buildings from Linz to Ulm, each with more than 120 workstations, is currently being installed.

What connects the projects?

Circular economy, domestic production and buyback promises sounded almost utopian a few years ago, and certainly not economical. But Georg Bechter has turned this around and lets it be known in his presentation that "our daily good work and the promise are the basis of our economic success." Many companies see the added value in products that have been invented and made for the long term, in reparability and circular economy. These companies and the concepts of the lighting designers rely on GEORG BECHTER LICHT.

DOT SLIM - a luminaire as a building component:

Lighting in timber construction is taking a big leap forward , and it has always been clear to Georg Bechter that his systems must also be feasible in timber construction, given the fact that he comes from one of Europe’s leading timber construction regions , the Bregenzerwald. Thanks to DOT SLIM's light openings measuring only 28 millimetres, it can even be easily integrated into slatted ceilings, not disturbing the structure of the ceilings.

For very small installation heights and high lumen packages at the same time, GEORG BECHTER LICHT has developed the DOT SLIM series. These components are being integrated into the structure and can thus achieve up to 1,220 lumens at an installation height of only 25 millimeters, depending on the variant. This is, for a spotlight, unrivalled in the lighting world and offers new possibilities for integrating light almost imperceptibly into ceilings, especially in acoustic ceilings or in historic preservation.

And of course, everything is replaceable and pragmatic in terms of craftsmanship – so, all is set for complex projects that want simple solutions!

With our versatile possibilities, we are ready to make visions come true.

Best regards from Hittisau
the team of Georg Bechter Licht