Dear Lighting Lovers.

We at GEORG BECHTER LICHT are happy about another award: Our VERVE AIR has received a Red Dot Award in the Product Design category – a great distinction, an internationally coveted quality seal for good design, and another acknowledgement of our strive for beauty and sustainability.

VERVE AIR is a luminaire and a ventilation outlet both in one fixture – an atmospheric room ventilation system. Unobtrusive, hidden in a wall or in the ceiling, disguised as an attractive lighting fixture, it brings a breath of fresh spring air into the room and even looks beautiful while doing so. With our VERVE AIR, we want to show you that ventilation outlets can be designed so that they give a room a sensual note. They do not have to be perceived as a necessary evil.

How is that possible?

The VERVE AIR luminaire hides its ventilation function without compromising its functionality. The system lets air stream into and out of the room without any need for the commonly used metal sheets.

The luminaire can be integrated into the ceiling or walls, thus offering a lot of creative freedom for attractive interior design. Due to the shape of the ventilation outlet, the air is well distributed into the room along the ceiling and walls. The special shape of VERVE AIR also considerably reduces soiling at the ventilation outlet.Depending on the installation position of the VERVE AIR fixture, various directions of air flow may be obtained.

Is that really so?

VERVE AIR makes ventilation outlets invisible and combines necessity and beauty. The renowned Fraunhofer Institute has confirmed that this does not only offer aesthetic added value, but also an optimal distribution of air into the room.

With a connecting piece for a 100mm/3.9 inch pipe (2), VERVE AIR as an incoming air outlet brings 50m³/h of air into the room and as an exhaust outlet discharges 100m³/h. In combination with an LED module (1), VERVE AIR becomes a lighting fixture that ventilates, bringing two functions into the room in one installation process.

We hope we have made you curious with this innovation. We will be glad if you choose to use VERVE AIR, thus combining aesthetics and functionality! .

Best regards from the springlike Austrian mountains, Your Georg Bechter Licht team