Red Dot Award 2015


It’s the most famous contest for product design in the world; its distinction is established internationally as one of the most sought -after quality marks for excellent design – the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD. With his produst line BALDACHIN Georg Bechter Licht has recently won this award which is a real distinction of quality given the multiplicity of entries. In 2014 alone there had been more than 16, 500 from over 70 countries!

BALDACHIN - reduced essentials The product range is an attractive and sophisticated solution for the elegant suspension of pendant luminaires. With its various technical solutions and designs, it offers integrated solutions for the ceiling connection of any pendant luminaire. Collection BALDACHIN

Clever, useful, elegant – just „a long-overdue innovation“ – to use the words of the jury of the „Iconic Awards“ 2014. It was just in autumn 2014 when the canopy was honoured by this award. ICONIC AWARD And now it’s the second internationally accepted award for product design within half a year that Georg Bechter can collect.

RED DOT for product design
The BALDACHIN was honoured with the RED DOT for product design. In this discipline since 1955, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has been awarding its famous award for excellent international product design. From fashion and accessories to consumer electronics to vehicles, household helpers and furniture –manufacturers and designers of all kinds of different industrial products can enter the competition for the sought after “Red Dot” prize in currently 31 categories. In 2014, a total of 4, 815 products from 53 countries were handed into the competition.

The jury
The jury is the centerpiece of the competition and conjuncts the know - how from all around the world. It comprises recognised international designers, professors and specialised journalists, who can assess cultural characteristics of design in a consciously manner thanks to their background. This way, they ensure a highest degree of objectivity when selecting the winning designs and guarantee the expressiveness of the Red Dot seal. Live and onsite, the Red Dot jury tests, discusses and rates all entries. Depending on the discipline, the adjudication process follows a canon of criteria, which is constantly adapted to the pulse of the time. Information about the jury...

The evaluation criteria are the degree of innovation, the functionality, the formal quality, the ergonomics, the durability, the symbolic and emotional content, the product periphery, the self-explanatory quality and the ecological compatibility. adjudication criteria...

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