Iconic Award 2014

GEORG BECHTER LICHT wins highest distinction of german design council

„A long-overdue innovation“ – with these words the jury of this year's „Iconic Awards“ honors the ceiling-connections of our Baldachin and awards us even the label "Best of the Best“!“

The Iconic Awards is the first neutral international architecture and design competition that focuses on how the disciplines interact. It acknowledges visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communication from all fields of architecture, the construction and property sectors and the manufacturing industry. As such the competition shines the spotlight on the elementary significance of the interaction of individual disciplines. It centres on the integrated and consistence presentation of products in architecture.

The BALDACHIN is a sophisticated solution for customary pendant lamps, as it makes the often-annoying connection cylinder obsolete. A prefabricated gypsum module with a thickness of 12.5 mm is fitted to the suspended ceiling, embedded with filler and painted with the ceiling paint. As a result, BALDACHIN is only perceived as a distortion of the room surface, without forming its own element. Different versions of the product are available: while BALDACHIN BL visually extends from the ceiling, the cable of the “introverted” version BALDACHIN BI with the inverted outlet, appears to come out of nowhere and the lamp hangs elegantly from the ceiling. A long-overdue innovation.

Award ceremony During the Award ceremony at 
6 October 2014 at the Fair Expo Real in Munich we have the honor to receive the award.

Further Information [www.german-design-council.de](http://www.german-design-council.de