Light+building 16

Light + Building Frankfurt, March 13th to 18th, 2016

Every two years, it’s time for the biggest European lighting trade fair in Frankfurt am Main. For Georg Bechter Licht, the Light + Building fair has become a fixture. In time for this year‘s fair, we presented our new DOT 28 lighting system DOT 28, which made our booth an absolute eye-catcher alongside classics such as Verve, Vlobe and Volem.

DOT 28 – A true crowd-puller It’s so brilliantly simple that it’s simply brilliant: A system with which all luminaires can be mounted flush and framelessly into any surface, be it plaster, wood, or concrete: “Something so well thought out and at the same time so flexible to use has got what it takes to become a real trend“ – that’s what we thought. And our expectations were even exceeded at the Light and Building: The run was huge, people’s interest immense and lasting – we were hardly back home from the fair when several units of our system had been sold and used in buildings.

Future-proof – with both feet on the ground If it is the future, let it look like the future – according to this idea, we gave our booth a futuristic design: an oversized mounting capsule, the crew clad in silver space suits – our visitors loved it! Among the 2,589 exhibitors from 55 countries, our new idea impressed above all with its high usability.

One Name, countless possibilities If you want to flush-mount luminaires of any kind, DOT 28 by Georg Bechter Licht will be your best choice. Plaster, wood or even concrete, DOT 28 rids any wall or ceiling of annoying connections and frames. This way, the room can have its full effect – undisturbed, neutrally lit and, where desired, enhanced with carefully selected accents.

GEORG BECHTER LICHT – In the beginning, there was plaster DOT 28 has evolved from our multi-award winning BALDACHIN technology, which offers elegant and beautiful solutions for mounting pendant luminaires on plaster. And this is where it all started: Verve, Vlobe, Volem, Vogue, Velvet – they all are luminaire modules for flush-mounting in plaster. Each of them has its own way of bathing a room in light without overpowering it. Once you’ve seen and experienced these flowing, magical transitions from room to light, you’ll always want to come back to Georg Bechter.